Are you planning a cruise holiday and wondering if you need travel insurance? Whether it’s your first-time cruising or the latest in a long line of seafaring holidays, travel insurance is an important part of any trip. From reimbursing medical costs to protecting against cancelled flights or lost baggage, cover for cruise passengers can make all the difference during those trips on the open seas. But what should you look out for when choosing cruise holiday insurance? In this post we’ll explore cruise travel insurance, giving you the information you need to understand the importance of cruise travel insurance, ready for your next big break at sea.

What is cruise travel Insurance and why is it so important?

If you've ever planned a cruise, chances are you were presented with an option to take out travel insurance. But what exactly is travel insurance, and is it really necessary? Simply put, travel insurance is a type of insurance that provides cover for unexpected events that may occur before or during your trip, such as trip cancellation, lost luggage, and emergency medical expenses.

Cruise cover is an optional extension of cover that is added on to a travel insurance policy. This extension provides you with additional benefits and cover that have been designed specifically for cruise holidays.  In most cases, cruise ships may not even let you board without suitable travel insurance in place, due to the unique circumstances that come with being on a ship at sea.

For instance, if a medical emergency occurred whilst at sea, whereby you needed to be airlifted from the ship to the nearest hospital, you could end up with an incredibly costly bill for this service. Or, if there was extreme weather whilst at sea, which has caused a delay to your cruise itinerary, this could result in potential cancellation or delays, causing you to be out of pocket for any pre-booked excursions, or even, your flight home. 

That’s where cruise cover comes in. Ultimately, buying travel insurance for your cruise can help provide peace of mind and protect you, and your trip.

Common benefits of travel insurance for cruises 

Going on a cruise is an incredible way to see the world whilst enjoying all the comforts of home. Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes unpleasant things happen even on the best of trips. It's all too easy to overlook, but by having travel insurance in place, you can potentially save yourself from a lot of financial headaches if something goes wrong on your trip. 

Some of the benefits of travel insurance include:

  • Missed Port Departure
  • Cabin Confinement (for medical reasons)
  • Airlifting from the cruise ship should you need to be hospitalised
  • Missed/Unused Excursions (for medical reasons)
  • Cruise cancellation
  • Cruise Interruption
  • Evening Wear

You can find out more about the benefits of cruise insurance here.

What level of cover do you need?

Travel insurance policies come in different shapes and sizes; no two policies are truly the same. Broadly speaking, cover levels depend on your own personal requirements and the cost of your cruise. When comparing policies, you need to take care to check the limit of cancellation cover. Cruises are not cheap and the last thing you want to do, is to underinsure your holiday. Remember, the limit shown is usually the amount per insured traveller. For instance, if you and your travelling companion are insured on the same policy, and the cost of your cruise was £4,000 for both of you – you need to ensure that the cancellation limit is at least £2,000 per person.

Make sure you take into consideration what you plan to pack, and how much do you think it would cost to replace your belongings, should they be lost or stolen. If you are taking physical cash with you – does this travel insurance policy provide enough cover?  Planning a lot of off-ship excursions? Check that the limit of this cover is enough for your most expensive, booked excursion.

Remember to take stock of where you are heading on your cruise. Regions like North and South America are infamously known for their high medical expenses; do you feel that this policy has enough cover in place to absorb potential air ambulance and hospital costs?

Are you planning to pack a lot of expensive gadgets with you? Have you considered including Gadget Cover into your policy?

How to find the best deals

Cruise insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense when planning a holiday on the high seas, but it is a really smart investment. Cruise holidays are not cheap, especially if you need to take a flight to another country to even board the ship. Having cruise travel insurance in place is not just for your own peace of mind, but also for your wallets.

After all, no one wants to think about the possibility of unexpected disruptions such as weather-related cancellations or medical emergencies. The cost of cruise insurance varies depending on many factors, including the length and cost of your cruise and the countries you will be visiting. There are ways to find the best deals.  

It's important to do your research and compare policies from different providers to ensure you are getting the cover you need at a reasonable price. Make sure to read through your policy documents. With the right information, you can sail away with confidence knowing that you are protected.

Travel insurance is essential when it comes to planning a cruise. There are several benefits to having the extra layer of protection, such as medical cover while at sea. Make sure you’re properly protected so that you can enjoy every minute without worrying about any sudden surprises. 

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