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What does cruise insurance cover?

Cruise travel insurance is an extension to normal travel insurance. When included on a policy, cruise cover can provide a wealth of additional benefits, which have been tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of setting sail on a cruise.


  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses or emergency medical treatments in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Repatriation: Handles the expenses associated with bringing you back home following a medical emergency.
  • Cancellation Cover: Protection for canceling your cruise in case of an incident or event covered by your policy.
  • Lost or stolen baggage: Protection in the event of loss, damage, or theft of your baggage or personal belongings during your cruise.
  • Cabin Confinement: Compensation for missed parts of your cruise if confined to your cabin due to illness on board.
  • Missed Port: Compensation if the captain has to alter the itinerary, resulting in a missed port.
  • Missed Excursions: Covers the costs of any pre-booked excursions you can't go on due to cabin confinement.
  • Cruise Interruption: Cover for your travel and accommodation expenses to reach your next port should you require hospital treatment on land.
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Not Covered

  • Undeclared Conditions: It is important to declare all pre-existing medical conditions when purchasing insurance for your cruise. You will not be covered for medical expenses that relate to a pre-existing condition you have not declared.
  • Purchasing After Departure: You must purchase your travel insurance before you depart for your cruise.
  • Travelling Against Advice: You are unlikely to have any cover if you decide to travel against any travel advisories by the government.
  • Changing Your Mind: Your travel insurance does not provide coverage if you decide you no longer wish to go.
  • Missed Flights: Your travel insurance provider will not cover missed flights due to lateness or failure to clear security on time.
  • Under The Influence: Claims for an accident or incident that occurs while you are under the influence of alcohol.

It's important to read your policy wording for a full list of exclusions.

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