What is annual multi-trip cruise travel insurance?

A variant of travel insurance, an annual multi-trip policy provides cover for numerous trips over the course of a 12-month period.

Usually, an annual policy can help you to save money, should you take multiple holidays or last-minute breaks over a year. Rather than securing individual travel insurance for each holiday with a single trip policy, which can be costly, an annual multi-trip policy rolls your holidays into one policy. Here at Compare Your Cruise Travel Insurance, we work with a specialist travel insurance panel, that can help you locate your next annual multi-trip policy, by comparing prices and cover, using our online comparison tool.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of selecting an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy.

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Annual multi-trip vs. single trip cruise insurance

As mentioned before, annual multi-trip policies cover you for numerous trips you take over the course of 12 months, whereas, single trip policies only provide cover for one, specific trip. 

Whilst annual cover is usually more expensive than a single trip policy, if you take frequent holidays or last-minute weekend getaways, you could find it more cost-effective by selecting an annual multi-trip policy, rather than taking out a single trip policy per individual trip.   

What are the benefits of an annual multi-trip policy?

As with all travel insurance policies, cover does vary from provider to provider. However, the usual benefits you will find with an annual multi-trip policy include: 

  • Cancellation & Curtailment: Cover should your holiday be cancelled or cut short.
  • Personal Accident: Following an accident, anything you need to pay for.
  • Medical & Repatriation Expenses: Cover for treatment you need and repatriation back to the UK.
  • Baggage/Personal Possession: Help in recouping the costs from loss or theft. 


At Compare Your Cruise Insurance, we include Cruise cover as standard with all our policies. As such, the usual benefits included with a policy from our site could also include: 


  • Missed Port: If a scheduled port stop is missed, you could receive compensation for the inconvenience.
  • Cabin Confinement: Compensation, if you have been asked to remain in your cabin by medical crew.
  • Airlifting to Hospital: Cover for the costs of being airlifted from the ship to land for emergency medical treatment.
  • Cruise Interruption: Help in getting back on board your cruise ship, following medical treatment on land.  


Read our guide for more information regarding the benefits found within Cruise Travel Insurance.

Are there different levels of cover with an annual multi-trip cruise policy?

Yes! Whilst there are different levels of cover available, with each tier increasing the cover limits on the policy and potentially reducing the excess, you will also need to select the destination range of the policy as well. The destination range provides cover for the selected area only – you will need to choose from: 

  1. Europe 
  2. Worldwide (excluding USA, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean)
  3. Worldwide


When considering an annual policy, you need to keep in mind the countries you intend to visit over the 12 months of your policy. If you only plan to visit places in and around Europe, then the Europe destination range would be ideal for you. However, should you already have a family trip to Florida lined up as well, then you will need to select the Worldwide option instead, which will cover you for both your Europe trips and the holiday to the USA. 

If for example, you are heading out on a cruise around the Mediterranean, which also includes a port stop in Egypt, then you will need to make sure that you select Worldwide excluding USA, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean.  

It’s therefore wise to have a good idea about where you plan on travelling to throughout the year before you purchase an annual multi-trip policy. In some cases, should your plans change, you can speak with your provider to amend the policy but bear in mind that an additional fee will be required.

Gadget Cover

When comparing options with us, you will be able to add additional cover to your policy, such as gadget cover. Gadget cover protects your electronic devices, which are usually excluded from most travel insurance policies. Visit our guide for more information on gadget cover.

What should you consider when looking at an annual multi-trip policy?

Should you decide to purchase an annual multi-trip insurance policy, you may consider not starting your cover just yet, as you will not be travelling for a while. This can help you get the most out of the 12-month cover, however, you should bear in mind that setting the start date for the future, will leave you without cancellation cover.

Unlike single trip insurance, whereby the cancellation benefit comes in to force from the moment you pay for your policy, the cancellation benefit included within annual multi-trip cover, will only kick in on the policy start date. Additionally, some providers will not offer cover, should the start date be too far in advance. 

Annual multi-trip policies, all come with a maximum duration per trip, which varies between providers. You should make sure to check that the maximum trip duration, will be enough for your planned holidays. 

For example, if a policy has a 28-day maximum single trip duration, and you are heading away on a 45-day cruise, this policy will not provide you with enough cover. In this example, you should either consider a different annual multi-trip policy, or single trip travel insurance policy instead. 

If you are considering an annual multi-trip policy for the family, there are a few things you need to remember: 

  • All named individuals on the policy must live at the same address.
  • Any adults listed on the policy are allowed to travel alone, together, or without any children named on the policy.
  • Children under the age of 18, are only allowed to travel on the policy provided that a named adult on the policy is going with them.


As with all travel insurance policies, make sure you check the policy wording of your cover for clarification.

Finally, when it comes to annual multi-trip travel insurance, you need to keep in mind that an ongoing medical warranty will be applied to the policy. This means that once you have purchased the cover, you are required to inform the provider of any changes in health, for you, or any other named individual on the policy.

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