Children on a cruise ship look out over the railings to see the ocean.

Family Fun on Deck

5th April 2024
12 min read

Discover how to enjoy a memorable and safe family cruise. Learn practical tips for children's safety, and choosing the right travel insurance to cover.

A pile of pebbles balancing on top of each other by the tranquil sea.

Holiday Relaxation on a Cruise

5th April 2024
13 min read

Find relaxation on your next cruise with our guide. Discover the perks of mindfulness by the ocean, and how to capture serene moments for lasting memories.

A couple enjoying the deck of a cruise ship.

Cruising In Style

5th April 2024
14 min read

Maximise your cruise vacation experience with our guide on what to pack for onboard events, and why travel insurance is essential for your wardrobe.

A Couple Stand Together Watching The Sun Set Whilst On A Cruise

Do You Need Cruise Travel Insurance

3rd January 2024
6 min read

Discover why travel insurance is crucial for both first-time cruisers and seasoned seafarers. Uncover key considerations in choosing cruise holiday insurance in our blog post, ensuring you're well-prepared for your next nautical adventure.

A Row Of Empty Wooden Deck Chairs On The Side Of A Cruise Ship

Cruise Insurance Jargon Buster

3rd January 2024
7 min read

Navigating the often confusing terms and language in policy documents, our guide ensures you understand what you're purchasing. Explore cruise travel insurance with confidence, ensuring the protection you expect, whether for medical treatment or last-minute cancellations.

A Man Sits Using His Laptop Whilst On A Cruise

Gadget Insurance Explained

2nd January 2024
6 min read

Safeguard your valuable electronic devices from theft or loss during your cruise by adding gadget insurance to your travel insurance policy. Explore what gadget insurance entails and how it ensures peace of mind.

An Old Ships Wheel On The Main Deck

Benefits of Cruise Insurance

2nd January 2024
7 min read

Embark on a voyage through cruise travel insurance with our comprehensive guide. Discover the key benefits that ensure protection and peace of mind on your next cruise adventure!

Birdseye view of the back of a cruise ship sailing through the water

Cruise Budget Tips

19th December 2023
7 min read

Explore budget-friendly tips for planning a cruise without compromising on the delightful extras. We reveal savvy saving strategies to ensure an affordable yet enjoyable cruise holiday.

A Young Couple Walk Towards Their Cruise Ship With Their Luggage

Ultimate Cruise Packing List

19th December 2023
7 min read

To help you out before boarding that cruise ship, let's talk through everything you'll need for a blissful trip so you can start planning and look forward to a smooth trip!

View Of A Cruise Ship From Above As It Sails Through The Sea

Navigating Ship Life

19th December 2023
8 min read

Whether it's an ocean voyage or a river cruise, our expert advice will help you embark on your maiden cruise with confidence! Read on for the ultimate guide to smooth sailing as a cruise newbie.

A View Of The Deck Of A Cruise Ship

Activities Aboard

19th December 2023
9 min read

Cruise ships offer a diverse range of activities, from onboard entertainment like shows, challenges, and sports tournaments to savoring delectable meals from various international restaurants. Whether seeking thrilling adventures on open waters or a serene escape, these ideas ensure unforgettable days at sea for everyone.

River Cruise Boats Pass In Prague

River Vs Ocean Cruise

19th December 2023
6 min read

Undecided between a river cruise or an ocean cruise? Fear not! Our blog post will explore the distinctions between these two cruising options, aiding readers in making an informed decision for their next getaway!

A Cruise Ship Sails Through The Norweign Fjords

Top 5 Cruise Destinations

19th December 2023
5 min read

We’ve rounded up our top cruise destinations, to help make your decision easier. From bucket list experiences in Norway to leisurely South American getaways, this guide will inspire you to plan an unforgettable holiday that's just right for you and your family.

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