What is cruise insurance?

Cruise travel insurance is a specialised form of protection designed for holidays on cruise ships. It offers dedicated cover that is tailor-made for the unique aspects of cruise travel. This type of insurance cover can be taken out to cover one specific cruise, or you can cover multiple trips in a year with an annual policy.

Here at Compare Your Cruise Insurance, we specialise in cruise travel insurance – meaning that when you use our online comparison tool, all the quotes from our specialist travel insurance panel, will include cruise cover as standard. Helping you to find a policy that meets your insurance needs and budget requirements.

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Do I need specialist cruise travel insurance?

Although cruise travel insurance is not a legal requirement, it's important to note that many cruise operators and UK travel agents may insist that you have cruise travel insurance in place before you can board the ship. Securing suitable cruise insurance before you go is the best way to get your holiday off to a smooth start. 

Regardless of whether you're opting for a brief cruise around the UK, indulging in a Caribbean adventure or treating yourself to a luxurious worldwide cruise, it is likely, that your cruise holiday was not cheap. Meaning that for starters, you will require a policy that has higher cover for cancellation and curtailment (which means cutting your trip short), to make sure the cost of your holiday and any pre-paid excursions, can be recovered should you not be able to travel, or continue to travel. 

Additionally, having adequate emergency medical expenses cover is crucial to ensuring that you will not be burdened with expensive medical treatment costs, or footing the bill to be airlifted back to land for hospital treatment. When comparing cruise ship travel insurance quotes, it's essential to carefully assess the level of coverage provided, ensuring it is comprehensive enough to safeguard you in various scenarios and provide the protection you need.

You can find out more by reading our post on why you should consider cruise insurance for your next holiday.

What does cruise insurance cover?

Cruise travel insurance is an extension to normal travel insurance. When included on a policy, cruise cover can provide a wealth of additional benefits, which have been tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of setting sail on a cruise.


  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses or emergency medical treatments in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Repatriation: Handles the expenses associated with bringing you back home following a medical emergency.
  • Cancellation Cover: Protection for canceling your cruise in case of an incident or event covered by your policy.
  • Lost or stolen baggage: Protection in the event of loss, damage, or theft of your baggage or personal belongings during your cruise.
  • Cabin Confinement: Compensation for missed parts of your cruise if confined to your cabin due to illness on board.
  • Missed Port: Compensation if the captain has to alter the itinerary, resulting in a missed port.
  • Missed Excursions: Covers the costs of any pre-booked excursions you can't go on due to cabin confinement.
  • Cruise Interruption: Cover for your travel and accommodation expenses to reach your next port should you require hospital treatment on land.
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Not Covered

  • Undeclared Conditions: It is important to declare all pre-existing medical conditions when purchasing insurance for your cruise. You will not be covered for medical expenses that relate to a pre-existing condition you have not declared.
  • Purchasing After Departure: You must purchase your travel insurance before you depart for your cruise.
  • Travelling Against Advice: You are unlikely to have any cover if you decide to travel against any travel advisories by the government.
  • Changing Your Mind: Your travel insurance does not provide coverage if you decide you no longer wish to go.
  • Missed Flights: Your travel insurance provider will not cover missed flights due to lateness or failure to clear security on time.
  • Under The Influence: Claims for an accident or incident that occurs while you are under the influence of alcohol.

It's important to read your policy wording for a full list of exclusions.

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How much does cruise insurance cost?

Like all travel insurance policies, the price of the policy will depend on several factors, that are unique to your own situation. For cruise travel insurance, insurance providers will usually consider the following:

  1. Destination (where are you heading on your cruise)
  2. Duration (how long will you be away)
  3. Your age
  4. Your pre-existing medical conditions

Once the providers on our panel have assessed this information, they will then provide you with a price. Make sure you take the time to compare not just the price, but the levels of cover as well. You may find that for a few pounds more, you could have a policy with higher cover limits and reduced excesses.

Is travel insurance more expensive for a cruise?

The short answer is yes – cruise travel insurance tends to be more expensive than standard travel insurance, as cruise travel insurance provides you with additional benefits that are not usually found in standard travel insurance (such as Cabin Confinement, Missed Port etc.) causing your premium to be naturally higher. If you think about it, cruise travel insurance will help cover the costs to be airlifted to land, should you need urgent care at hospital, which is very costly and would be covered by your insurance policy. 

Can I get cruise insurance if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes! If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we can easily help you compare cruise travel insurance. In the unfortunate event that you fall ill due to a pre-existing medical condition whilst on your trip, cruise travel insurance can help give you peace of mind, knowing you are covered. 

When purchasing your cruise travel insurance, you must make sure that you declare all your diagnosed pre-existing conditions. Failure to do so, could result in your policy becoming invalid and you would not be able to claim. 

When declaring your conditions using our online tool, we will ask you a few questions about each condition to get a better understating of the severity and nature of your condition. Our specialist travel insurance provider panel will use this information to locate the right medical cover for you.

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How many days can cruise travel insurance cover me for?

For most single trip cruise insurance policies, you can typically find cover for up to 45 days, which is perfect for many cruises. However, if you are planning to head off on a longer cruise, some providers will allow cover for much longer periods. Whether you’re heading off on a quick tour around the Fjords in Norway, or setting sail around the world, you should be able to find the right cover you need on our comparison site. 

However, if you are planning to take multiple trips, over the course of a year, you might be able to save a few pounds by opting to an annual multi-trip policy. Annual multi-trip policies do have a maximum trip duration in place – which in most cases is usually 30 days per trip - make sure you check the maximum trip duration is enough to cover your holiday plans.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect policy for your cruise holiday, you'll want to get the right cover for your needs. You can find out more below.

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Single Cruise Insurance

A single trip cruise policy will provide you with travel insurance for specified dates. Find out more about this type of policy and benefits, and let Compare Your Cruise Insurance help you find the right cover for your holiday.

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Annual Cruise Insurance

Learn more about the benefits of comparing an annual multi-trip cruise travel insurance policy from Compare Your Cruise Insurance to protect your upcoming holidays for 12 months.

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Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, it's important to make sure you get the right cover. Our specialist cruise insurance panel can help you compare quotes for over 2,000 different conditions. Find out more.

* Price is based on one traveller aged 36, with no medical conditions and is travelling to Norway for five nights. The price is correct as of April 2024. Prices may vary according to your individual requirements.

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