Most common questions

Gadget Cover, for mobiles, laptops and tablets, can be added as an optional extra. Some providers may include Gadget Cover as standard. Make sure to check your policy wording to see what is included.

However, you may find adding Gadget Cover to your policy a better option, as this will provide you with a more comprehensive cover.

Some travel providers may be able to provide some cover, but the value might not be enough to cover the cost of your item - it's always best to check your policy wording, it will usually be found in the baggage or personal belongings section.

You may also like to check your home insurance policy - this can sometimes allow cover for your mobility aid whilst away from home, but may be limited to within the UK. If your mobility aid cannot be covered in either of these ways, you may like to consider taking out specialist insurance.

Most of our insurance providers do cover lost passports. What is covered and the limit of cover does vary and is normally described in the baggage cover section of the policy.

There are two parts to the cover for lost passports:

  • the cost of replacement documents
  • costs associated with travelling to an embassy to obtain the new documents.

In some cases, policies cover travel/accommodation costs and not the cost of the documents. We'll show you whether this is covered in your quote, alongside your policy wording.

Most policies will include cover for personal possessions (as well as cash) if lost, damaged or stolen.

Insurance providers will usually put a limit on the payout for individual valuable items. The limits vary between providers.

Be sure to refer to your policy wording for a full explanation of what is covered and to check the limits and excesses in place.