Most common questions

We can't offer quotes for one-way trips 🚀.

We can only provide quotes for trips that begin and end in the UK.

If you're extending your trip, contact your insurance provider directly before the expiry date.

Insurers won't grant an extension if your policy return date has expired. If you can extend your policy, you may be be required to pay an additional premium.

If you have not yet travelled and need to change your dates, you will also need to contact your insurance provider.

Single Trip insurance covers you for a specific trip - you will need to provide your trip start and end dates.

You can use assumed dates to create quotes, but you'll need your actual trip dates when purchasing a policy.

Provided that your Single Trip policy includes cancellation, you'll be covered as soon as you have paid for your policy.

The dates for a Single Trip policy should be from the date you leave your home to commence your holiday, to the date you get back home.

Single Trip insurance is for one-off, individual trips and will cover you for specified travel dates.

This is usually up to 45 days, however, some insurance providers can provide cover for longer periods. If you’re not a frequent traveller, Single Trip cover is a great option and will likely be cheaper than an Annual Multi-Trip policy.

The start date will need to be the date you leave your home to start your cruise, and the end date will be when you arrive back home. This includes any travel to and from an airport or port.