Most common questions

This can vary by policy so it’s best to check the policy wording.

In principle, if you could not have anticipated industrial action at the time of booking your holiday that should be covered under your policy.

An exception to this is travel delay. You would not be covered if you miss your outward journey due to industrial action that had been announced before the date of your departure from home.

Generally, acts of terrorism are not covered by your policy.

However, if you are injured in an incident, the medical part of your policy should still be in force, including medical repatriation, should you need to be brought home.

Please do check the policy wording to ensure you have the cover you need.

Most insurance providers include some cover if a natural disaster occurs whilst you're on holiday. Check your wording to see if this is included. 

Cancellation cover will normally cover you if you have to cancel your holiday due to death, serious injury or illness, to a variety of people. This will normally include yourself, somebody who you’re relying on to travel, an immediate member of your family or somebody who you will be staying with abroad.

This does vary by provider, so please ensure to check your policy wording.

If cancellation cover is included in your policy, the cost of cancelling accommodation will be covered if:

  • It is pre-booked;
  • You have already paid; or

  • You have to pay, even if you have to cancel.

Cancellation may be covered for a variety of reasons, check your policy wording to find out.

If you go on holiday and find that you have to return early due to unforeseen circumstances, this is known as curtailment or cutting your holiday short.

The most common reason for curtailment is ill health. This could be for yourself, a person you are travelling with or an immediate family member.

Most of our insurance provider's policies will include cover for this. Your policy wording will help clarify, in what circumstance you would be covered. 

SAFI, or Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance, protects against airline insolvency. If your airline goes bust, you will be covered for the cost of unused flight tickets or the extra cost of purchasing flight tickets if you experience this situation.

We'll show you whether this is cover is included within your quote.

Cancellation cover will usually cover the cost of your cruise, including any pre-booked flights and pre-booked accommodation. Some providers will also include pre-paid excursions, however, this does vary from provider to provider. Check the policy wording to see what is included and any excesses that may be payable. 

When purchasing your travel insurance, you must ensure that the cancellation cover limit is enough to cover these costs. This limit is also the amount per person. 

Cancellation Cover is a good idea if you've already planned and booked your holiday in advance.

If you purchase a Single Trip policy, your cancellation cover will start when you purchase the policy. If you purchase an Annual Multi-Trip policy, your cancellation cover will start from the start date of your policy. 

Nearly all insurance policies will come with Cancellation Cover included. 

Cancellation Cover will start as soon as you buy your Single Trip policy, or from the policy start date for an Annual Multi-Trip policy. Cancellation cover will help you with the cost of your cruise, including any booked flights, accommodation and, in some cases pre-paid excursions.

The cover limits will be the amount per person.

Cancellation cover limits will be per person. Meaning, that if you were going on a cruise for 2 people which cost £2,000 in total, you would ideally need cancellation cover for at least £1,000.