Most common questions

Usually, there is no limit in place for the amount of trips you can take, whilst covered by an Annual Multi-Trip policy. However, you should always check your policy documents to confirm. 

The insurance providers will have a maximum trip length duration in place, which can vary between providers. You can tell us your maximum trip duration when you get a quote and we'll only show quotes which match!

Annual Multi-Trip policies are a type of travel insurance policy, that lasts one year. Unlike a Single Trip policy, Annual Multi-Trip policies will cover you for numerous trips and are usually a cheaper solution, if you take more than one trip in a year. 

Annual Multi-Trip policies are sold based on the area of travel and priced accordingly. Adult travellers, listed on the same policy, are covered when they travel together, but also when they travel independently. 

As cancellation cover will only start from your policy start date, you may want to start your Annual Multi-Trip policy before the date of your first trip.

All Annual Multi-Trip policies have a maximum length for each trip. Complete a quote and the maximum trip length will be shown on the 'Quote Results' page.

For Annual Multi-Trip policies, several insurance providers do provide cover for longer periods, up to 45 or 60 days. Read your policy wording for full details.

All providers have an age limit, which is different for each provider. Above that age limit the maximum length of stay becomes the more usual 30/31 days.

For SingleTrip policies, insurance providers can offer cover for stays of up to 45 days, again with most there are age limits.

However, there are a couple of providers who do not have any age limits on Single Trip policies and can offer cover for much longer periods. It is unlikely that we can offer cover for a single trip spanning a whole year.

Always check your policy wording before purchasing.

If you've already booked a holiday, it's a good idea to start your Annual Multi-Trip policy straight away, as cancellation cover doesn't start until your policy start date - so you will not be covered until your policy is in force. 

An annual policy will provide you cover for either Europe, Worldwide (Excluding the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean) or Worldwide. Depending on which level you select, your insurance provider will cover most countries within that area.

However, there are some countries your provider will be unable to cover you for, including any countries the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) have deemed unsafe to travel. Always check your policy wording in you are unsure about which countries are included within your policy.

If you are going on 2 or more holidays a year, then an Annual Multi-Trip policy may save you money!